Bonuses Pros and cons of buying bonuses

Pros and cons of buying bonuses

buying bonuses

Somewhere along the way they created the Bonus Buy feature


Actually, Big Time Gaming is credited as the creator of this feature, the lead developer behind some of the most brilliant, innovative ideas when it comes to slots, the mastermind behind the always popular Megaways mechanic.

Now other developers have created their own versions of this feature, but in BTG’s White Rabbit slot, released in 2017, it is a proprietary feature under the name Feature Drop™. However, as many other developers use this feature, it is popularly known as the Bonus Buy feature.

The truth related to this feature is unfortunately/unfortunately that not many players are brave enough to use it. They are not sure if it guarantees a win, if it will actually improve their game for extra money, or if it is just something they have to pay extra for and won’t get anything out of except a few expensive “free spins”.

That’s why in this article we’ll try to introduce you to the feature and give you an idea of the possible advantages and disadvantages you can gain by buying bonuses at online casinos so you can decide whether or not to activate it the next time you play.

What is the Bonus Buy feature?

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Online slots have evolved a lot since they were first introduced.

While in the past they were mainly based on basic combinations of matching symbols, today you have many ways to win by playing them. One of the most attractive and easier ways to win in today’s video slots is to trigger the bonus game.

The bonus game can be anything from Free Spins to a Wheel of Fortune type bonus.

However, it is the bonus game that will take you to winnings much better than you can normally make during the base game. To trigger the bonus game, you need to hit three or more Scatters, collect a certain number of tokens or special symbols, and sometimes even Wilds. And to collect the number you need, it usually takes a lot of spin, going through a lot of spins.

The Bonus Buy, therefore, is a fairly obvious feature that allows you to get to the bonus faster, by buying your way to it. With this feature, you don’t have to play through hundreds of spins to get to the bonus, you just have to pay an amount that is significantly more than your stake.

Typically, the price of the Bonus Buy feature is between 50x and 100x your stake, but there are some slots where the price can be much, much higher, such as 750x your stake. And this is the main topic where most of the controversy lies, is it worth it or not.

Before we get to that, let’s look at the pros and cons of activating the Bonus Buy feature. Once you’re familiar with them, you’ll be able to make an easier decision on whether to use it or not.

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