Cybersport Betting The rules of cs go: everything you need to know

The rules of cs go: everything you need to know

rules of cs go

Betting can be a leisure activity for some, a hobby for others, a lifestyle or even a job for others. However, if you ask representatives of any of these groups what they bet on most often, the answers will be quite similar – football, hockey, basketball… In recent years, many people have been betting on electronic sports, among which the most popular is betting on Counter Strike. No wonder! Virtual sports are a dynamically developing market all over the world, and both amateurs and professional players take part in them.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter in which two teams of 5 players compete against each other. Once the teams are chosen, it is determined which group will play as the terrorists and which will take on the anti-terrorists. The rules of CS go also stipulate that each team will be given tasks to complete during the round, and each successfully completed task allows players to earn the money necessary to achieve victory. The CS go game starts with the players, representing the Unibet, having to detonate an explosive device. Places where such charges are located can be found on the CS:GO map. The task of the anti-terrorist group is to prevent the explosion. Although one of the two teams wins, the performance of each player on the team also counts, and the best players are named MVP.

CS:GO Major Championships

rules of cs go betting

E-sports arenas hosting major CS:GO championships can be found both around the world and. Two are considered to be the most prestigious – Blast Premier and Major. The first tournament in this genre of cybersport was DreamHack Winter, organised in 2013. In 2019, there were already 19 tournaments organized worldwide, and each of them provided live CS:GO results for which you could place bets. The best players in such tournaments can expect to win some really great prizes, as the prize fund in the biggest competitions ranges from 2 to even 4 million US dollars!


cs go betting

We will tell you a little bit more about the main tournaments and organizers observed and bet on also by players:

  • ESL. It is a German gaming league, with tournaments organized not only in the European Union, but also in China, Russia and other countries. Since 2004 there has also been a section of ESL. ESL is the official organiser of the professional CS:GO league (since 2015), in which the prize pool currently reaches 1 million US dollars;
  • ELEAGUE. Yet another world-renowned organiser of CS:GO majors, which has been running competitions in this cybersport since 2017. ELEAGUE matches take place in the United States, and teams that have successfully completed regional qualifiers are invited to participate;
  • DreamHack. Another organiser of cybersports competitions, this time in Sweden. It is distinguished from others by the number of players allowed to participate in organized events;
  • IEM Katowice. This is an international tournament that takes place. Teams and all over the world take part in it;
  • BLAST. Another tournament that is ideal for bettors. The statistics here are quite precise and the odds at bookmaker companies for BLAST events are usually very good.

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