What are virtual sports?

Betting on virtual sports

The purpose of virtual sports is to animate sports competitions. Virtual sports is a computer program that simulates sports matches from different disciplines. Each step of the virtual players is performed by a special algorithm and displayed in the form of an animation.

Virtual sports are also known as “virtuals”. For disciplines that last quite a long time, virtuals present only fragments of the event (e.g. basketball, football). Virtual horse or dog races are presented in full. The game on Unibet up to 4 minutes. After that there is a break for betting statistics which on Unibet 1 minute.

Betting on virtuals at the sites of reputable gambling operators is available 24 hours a day. Virtual heroes do not get tired or ill, so we can bet on virtual sports 24/7.

Which virtual sports are available to bet on Unibet

virtual sports

Here’s a list of the most popular virtual sports: cycling, football, chariot, tennis, dog and horse racing, motorbikes, car racing, speedway. The types and number of disciplines vary at virtual bookmakers. On the scale of the bookmaker market, bets on virtual sports 2021 account for 15% of turnover.

Virtuals is a great opportunity for betting in the period when there is a lack of sports competitions and bettors feel like a shot of adrenaline. A strong advantage of virtuals is that any gambling enthusiast can place online sports bets 24/7. Within one 24-hour period, several hundred matches are played at one bookmaker. Settlements of events are instantaneous and the bettor can follow each meeting in live mode.

Betting on virtual football

It comes as no surprise to anyone that football is in the large virtuals family and bettors eagerly choose to place football bets. Betting on virtual football is quite popular among gamblers from all over the globe.

Football matches in the Virtual League last for 90 minutes, but bettors can only watch parts of them. The following bet types are available to bettors: first half result, which team scores the first goal, handicaps, under/over, match result. As the licence to use team names is not cheap, specific team names can often be found in the virtual game (e.g. Lew Gdańsk or Elka Warszawa). Stakes on virtual football can be made in live and pre-match mode.

How to bet on virtual sports at legal bookmakers

virtual sports bets

The important thing when betting on virtuals is that the gambler should have no knowledge of athletes, horses or dogs to bet on virtual tennis, football or racing. Bookmakers provide gamblers with statistics of previous events, which are always a helpful tool for players.

Below we have extracted tips for betting on virtual sports:

  • Before betting, it is worth learning about the rules of virtual sports and the algorithms of individual sports.
  • It is useful to collect and analyse data (history of matches, bookmaker odds).
  • We can create our own statistics, comparing the odds with the results of the meeting.
  • It is also worth looking for arcs in the algorithms.
  • It is also recommended to use bookmaker bonuses on virtuals.

We can bet on sports on the phone or in the desktop version. It is worth knowing that the odds for the game are also the “work” of the algorithm. They estimate the chances of specific competitors or teams. Remember that between races or meetings we have about a minute to place a bet on the next event.

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