Online Games Betting What you need know before first bet?

What you need know before first bet?

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At what point is ID required?

Whether on registration or on withdrawals, at some point you will be required to present ID documents. This is absolutely mandatory. But it will be up to the operator to decide when is the right time to present them, and also the regulator, as different jurisdictions have different laws and rules when it comes to account verification.

The strictest regulators require this procedure to be carried out as early as possible, which is at the time of registration. Once you have provided all the required personal information, you will need to provide identification documents that match the data and confirm that you are who you say you are.

This is part of a procedure known as Know Your Customer (KYC), which is an initial verification process that you must go through so that the operator can verify your age, name and address.

If it’s not required when you sign up, identity documents will definitely be required for withdrawals. After you have played and won money, you would like to withdraw it. But when you start the withdrawal procedure, you will be asked to send your identity documents so that the operator can confirm your identity and send the money to the right person. Again, for anti-money laundering and security reasons, you must provide these documents, otherwise you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.

However, casinos have the right to ask for ID documents if they notice unusual activity on your account, such as a change in deposit pattern. If the casino starts to suspect that you have a gambling problem or are engaged in criminal activity, the operator has the right to ask for identity verification at this point. So you can rest assured that the casino is monitoring your activities and creating a profile based on your gambling habits. As soon as something suspicious happens, remember that the casino will know about it.

What documents do I need to present?

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The list of required documents for identity verification will vary from site to site. But on registration, a light, soft identity check will be in play.

You should simply be asked to confirm if you are 18 or older and provide your name and email address. Sometimes the operator may even ask you to upload a photo. At this point, even a selfie will suffice.

Now, when it’s time for the real, full identity verification, make sure you’re ready. At this point you would need to provide a scan of your passport, ID or driving licence. These will be essential documents, known as Proof of Age.

The casino will also ask you to provide utility bills, no older than three or six months for example. Any tax bill, bank statement, electricity bill or telephone bill can serve as proof of address.

Finally, the casino may ask you for a scan of your bank statement or credit/debit card, the one you used for deposits, as proof of ownership of the payment method.

Nevertheless, you will not be kept in the dark. The casino will have the whole procedure explained on the KYC page, in the Terms and Conditions or on the Withdrawal page. It may even provide a link where the full list of required documents will be displayed to make navigation easier. Some casinos will ask you to scan the documents, others will allow you to take a picture of them with your smartphone. Either way, they need to be properly uploaded or sent to the address or box provided and once they are verified and approved, you will be able to use your online casino account without any problems as it will be properly verified.

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